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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions along with the answer.


Do I need ID?

Yes. Due to provincial regulations, layers and all visitors must be 18+ to visit Superior Shores Gaming Association, and 19+ to consume alcohol. We ID everyone who appears to be under 25 years of age.

Also, we require government-issued picture ID for all prize claims of $1,000 or more in order to complete a Family Responsibility Office (FRO) check.

Acceptable forms of ID include Driver's Licence, Health Card, Age of Majority Card, and passport.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, Superior Shores has a licensed lounge with a selection of beer, wine, and drinks. You must be 19+ to order an alcoholic beverage.

Do you serve food?

Yes, Superior Shores has a selection of menu items available from breakfast to late night. Find out more here.

Is Superior Shores wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Superior Shores is fully accessible.

Do you charge admission or for parking?

No, we do not charge admission and parking is free for all visitors.

Are children allowed if they don't play?

No. Due to provincial regulations, entry is restricted to adults 18+. Further, children cannot be left unattended in vehicles in the parking lot

Are pets allowed?

No, though service animals are permitted.

Are we allowed to take pictures?

Yes. Customers are welcome to use cameras and/or camcorders while visiting. However, taking pictures/video of other visitors or of staff is not permitted.

How do I collect my winnings?

If you win on electronics your prize will be added to your account. When you are ready to stop, press the "Cash Out" (or similar button) on the game you are playing, and a receipt will print out. Bring this receipt to the counter to collect your winnings.

Players playing paper Bingo will have their winnings brought to them once their cards have been confirmed.

Do you accept credit cards, debit cards, or cheques?

We do not accept cheques, debit cards, or credit cards for gaming products. Purchase is by cash only. An ATM machine is available at Superior Shores.

Can I host a group event at Superior Shores?

Yes! Find out more about Group Events at Customer Service.

Bingo and Electronic Games

How do I win Bingo?

Players win when they successfully complete the pattern (see below). Click here to learn more about how to play Bingo.

What's the difference between paper and electronic Bingo?

The only difference is the way you play your card. With paper Bingo, you keep track of the numbers called by using a dabber to mark them off. With electronic Bingo, you enter your card number into the terminal, and it will automatically "dab" the numbers for you as they are called.

As with paper Bingo, it is the player's responsibility to call "Bingo!" loud enough for the caller to hear, and to raise a hand to be seen whether the player is playing paper or electronic Bingo. Your screen will not call Bingo for you, or in any way notify the caller.

Cards all cost the same whether you choose to play paper or electronic Bingo.

What do I do when I get the pattern required on a card?

Yell "Bingo!" loud enough for the caller to hear you and raise your hand. A member of the Superior Shores staff will then verify your winning card with the caller and you will be paid the prize according to the game. It is the responsibility of the player calling Bingo to be heard and seen, so don't be shy!

What is a designated/ordinal number?

This is the number of balls required to win a big prize game such as Super Jackpot and Progressive. There are 75 numbers in the Bingo machine. If the designated number for a game is a certain number (for example, 50 numbers) you must get Bingo in 50 numbers called or fewer to win the big prize.

Players who get Bingo after 50 numbers will receive the consolation prize announced on that game.

What time should I arrive for Bingo?

We recommend that you arrive 20-30 minutes before the next Bingo session starts. This will give you plenty of time to buy your cards, get a drink and/or a snack, and settle in.

What is the difference between a book and a special?

A book is a booklet of pages designated for a set number of games with the same payout for all games. A special is an extra card for games not part of the booklet with prizes specific for that game including any jackpot prizes.

What is a Jackpot prize?

A Jackpot prize is a prize associated with a special. If the game is won under specific circumstances a Jackpot bonus prize will be paid out to the winner. A win of this nature requires a government-issued picture ID.

What is a "dabber" (or "dauber")?

A dabber is similar to a thick highlighter used to "dab" the numbers on your paper Bingo cards as they are called.

Do I need to bring a Bingo dabber?

You may bring your own though we have dabbers for sale at the counter.

Who is "The Caller"?

The caller in Bingo is the person who calls the balls as they are drawn.

What are "patterns"?

Different Bingo games involve getting different patterns including lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), the letter "T", full cards, etc.

What is a "hardway" pattern?

This is a straight line without the use of a free space.

Can I share my cards?

No. All cards purchased by a player remain with the player. However, you can get another player to assist you as needed while they play their own cards.

Cards that are split, ripped into pieces, or in any way altered will not be honoured.

How long does it take to play Bingo?

Most games last 2-3 hours with a short intermission between games.

Are the prices and prizes the same every day?

Prices and prizes may vary depending on the day and the time of day. Also, some games have additional bonus cards. Please read more about prices here, or ask a staff member when you arrive.

Who regulates or licenses charity bingo events?

The licensing and regulation of charity bingo is a responsibility of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

What are Tap 'N Play Cabinet Games?

A Tap 'N Play Cabinet Game machine is a modernized version of the conventional break open ticket. Find out more about Tap 'N Play Cabinet Games and other electronic games here.

What are Play-on-Demand (POD) Games?

POD games are electronic games of chance. There are a wide variety of games and ways to play. Find out more about POD and other electronic games here.


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